I am the Walrus

I started doing some COBOL homework last night that we’ve had two lab classes and about 2 weeks to complete—it’s due Friday. With the help of some Aphex Twin and a lot of preplanning, it took me about an hour to complete. Bliss.

That’s how you’re gonna beat ‘em, Butch. They keep underestimatin’ ya.

Yesterday’s food were as follows: banana, bagel (plain), rice cake, one 6” tuna sandwich on wheat w/ lettuce from Subway w/ Baked Lays, half a Chicken Quesadilla appetizer from Applebee’s, and a turkey sandwich. I didn’t end up swimming yesterday, but I’ll swim today after the AITP meeting.

Don’t forget tomorrow is Veteran’s Day – this means most banks will be closed.

Ethical dilemma of the day (and no, this doesn’t involve me):

  • You’re marked as having a 20/20 on an assignment you didn’t do—do you tell the professor or not?

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