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Yesterday was an okay day. I found myself writing stream of consciousness in the classes I was in because they were so dull. I’m completely fed up with one of the classes, but that’s just this time of the year.

I ate pretty well yesterday. I only swam a kilometer instead of a mile, but I worked more on speed than anything else. Regular breakfast, ham and cheese sandwich was a little much, but then I had 8oz of grilled chicken and a baked potato with just a little butter for dinner.

I also had two Diet Cokes with rum in order to take the edge off of my analysis homework. It worked very well. I got a lot done last night.

Geek reading of the day: Bill Gates Memo about the web as a disruption and Ray Ozzie’s memo outlining a strategy for Microsoft oh my oh my, what great reads.

PS: My Google Reader is broken. I had 1800 feeds on it, and now it just isn’t working. This is huge. Think about it if someone took GMail away. Ouch.


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