Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies

Yesterday was too long. I was going non-stop from about 7:30am until 10:30pm with normal breaks for food.

The most enjoyable part of the past few days has definitely been the weather and the colors of the leaves. Everything on campus looks different and it’s warm enough outside to actually walk around and experience autumn.

My food for yesterday: bagel (uncooked, plain), rice cake, banana, turkey sandwich, baked lays, trout, mashed potatos, green beans, and carrots. Since my lunch (the turkey sandwich) was so ridiculously small, I figured I could definitely have a nicer dinner.

Oh, and it didn’t help that I had just swam a mile non-stop right before we went to eat.

Parts of my CIS420 project are really starting to take shape. I can’t wait to be able to present it and show everyone what our team has done.

This week we’ve also got an AITP meeting about the national contest. We’re supposed to design a website for our chapter and enter it against other chapters across the nation. This is the current website but the site hasn’t been updated in seven years because there really has not been any web developers in the organization. Please, go ahead and dissect it in the comments. Also, here are the winners from last year go ahead and let them have it too.

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3 Responses to Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies

  1. rickp says:

    Wow, most of those finalists are spectacular examples of crap. Heck, the 7 year old MSU page probably could have beaten out several of those. That was painful. Specific critiques?

    The Illinois site… overall the colors, clean look and presumably home-grown icons give it a nice feel. The site actually works and doesn’t hurt me when browsing it… it’s nice. I’m not a flash fan, but it’s useable w/o flash. Overall, this is my favorite.

    The JMU page is decent; let me just state that I truly hate Purple but I can’t hold that completely against the site. The site doesn’t ‘feel’ as good as the Illinois site, but it’s decent… for what I’m guessing is a page done 100% inside of Dreamweaver.

    Iowa… wtf?

    Kent State… doesn’t exist any more… awesome.

    Middle Georgia… ABSOLUTE CRAP. Flash-only if you want to get into the site… it does nothing if you have Flash AdBlocked. Once into the site, HOLY IMAGE SLICES. *ring, ring* “Yes, 1997, I believe I have found one of your sites, can you take it back please?”

    Florida not terrible… Flash-driven… overall not bad… pastels seem to be teh wank of 2005, so there ya go.

    Charter College… you’re kidding, right? This site made it into ANY SORT OF competition, let alone was one of the finalists? Forced scrollbars and an inability to deal with varying widths gracefully. Horrible looking oval-like icons on the left… way too many of those (more than 0 was too much, but 18 in total? What the heck?! On FireFox, the at the bottom of the page hurts one of the oval images. Wow. This is almost as bad as Iowa, and much worse than the pages that simply don’t exist any more.

    I know that you and your team representing my Alma Mader will do much better than that. It saddens me that some of the members of some of those teams are probably now about to enter or have entered the workforce, and claim ‘web-design’ or ‘web-development’ as one of their skills. Sad. Maybe I’m just a grumpy ol’ @#$%… I dunno.

  2. Ha, part of the music from the sour Middle Georgia flash intro came from Garage Band that comes with the Mac OS X. Very creative they are.

    I think if you just make your page Web 2.0 compliant, it will win hands down. I think there is a validator out there that will help you along the way. I’ll email the link to you if I can find it.

    In all seriousness, I think you’re going to represent the MSU pretty well in this competition. Just throw your flavor on the page and it should do great.

  3. deezil says:

    My dear sweet god. I really just want to puke seeing the chapter’s website as it stands right now.

    The contest guidelines make me cry. You’ve got to make it look right in IE, which means it may or may not be correct vs. W3C. Very odd coming from a computing association.

    More later, but I have no doubt that you will rock this thing’s ass.

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