Free 99

Yesterday was a definite work day. I did a lot of work for my 420 class and did my management homework. I also cleaned my room and did laundry.

I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (which totally skimped on the peanut butter and jelly) for lunch and a bowl of noodles with a splash of italian dressing. I couldn’t find the spaghetti sauce, so I just used salad dressing… little did I know the spaghetti sauce was behind one of the six hundred gallons of spoiled milk in the fridge.

I had a light drink before the rest of the night started and it completely wore me out. Then I realized, I had only two meals… so I grabbed my bagel, banana, and rice cake and felt a lot better. The boys at Hughes Street ended up throwing a party and it was pretty fun. I wish there hadn’t been inclement weather, because it could have easily lasted for another hour.

Kanye West. Wow. The music is taking me over much like Jay-Z did around this time last year.


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