That’s pretty bunk

Yesterday I had a test in the class that can keep me from achieving my 4.0 goal.

All of the instruction we had said things like, “be ready to explain yourself.” or “I need to know WHY”.

The test itself? 3 questions. 4 diagrams. One ER diagram, One decision tree, one context level diagram, and one level-0 DFD.

No explanation. No WHY. That’s pretty bunk. These Gantt charts and this whole idea of analysis seem so 1980s. It does not stress agility at all.

My week of swimming was as so:

  • Monday: 1mi (can’t really remember)
  • Tuesday: 1km (wasn’t really feeling it)
  • Wednesday: 1mi (8 laps, 24 laps)
  • Thursday: 1mi (16 laps, 16 laps)

The biggest news in the fitness area is eating right. I’m doing everything in my power to limit my calorie intake to 1500 a day. I’m constantly eating during the day, but small portions and healthier snacks like bananas and rice cakes. Before I go out to eat, I google the restaurant’s name + nutrition facts and find something suitable, or I’ll just go somewhere else.

Power tip of the day: In Firefox, from the address bar type “wp ” and you’ll be taken to Wikipedia search results.


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