Cruel Tutelage of Pai Mei

In the end, I think I’ll become an educator. I always talked about wanting to eventually become a teacher after working in the ‘real world’ for a decade or so… and goal still exists.

So why become an educator? It’s quite rewarding. Also, my parents are both educators. I already have lots of classroom experience teaching students [swf video] and faculty how to use technology—but that’s not where my real rewards were reaped.

The most rewarding part of work has come to me through few of the guys in the office. They have gone through my “boot camp” when it comes to website development with XHTML CSS PHP and MySQL. The boot camp isn’t quite as intense as what Ms. Kiddo went through with Pai Mei in Kill Bill, but it’s pretty rough at times.

However, Robby and Derek have amazed me with the amount they’ve learned and the questions they’ve asked. Totty hasn’t really stepped on board with PHP and MySQL, but he’s come leaps and bounds with XHTML/CSS. We’ll have to find a good ‘real’ project for him.


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2 Responses to Cruel Tutelage of Pai Mei

  1. I feel obligated to respond to your post for two reasons:
    1) I feel like I spammed you in my previous comment.
    2) I have been an _educator_ in the loosest sense.

    I think you could be a great teacher. You really should look into it – but there is one thing that you _must_ understand about teaching. You will never make “big bucks” – “a lot of money” – or “fame!”.

    People will gawk you – like you’re wasting your skills. I used to say it – why would anyone be teaching at a college when they could have a much cusher IT job somewhere paying nearly twice as much. The reason is because they love teaching! But many people, including me at one point in my life, thought it was because they “couldnt cut it” in the real world.

    So – here are my suggestions to you bofe. You are very talented. Our whole “click” of wanna be webhackers have the potential to create something great. I think you should try to achieve something big – stay focused – and then, when you make it – give back to the community by teaching and sharing what you’ve learned.

    You have to have something to teach … Let’s make something happen and then maybe we can _teach_ andinspire.

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