Consumer Generated Crap

Today has been a very strange day for me in regards to consumer generated content.

Splogs, Anil Dash wanting some money for his Flickr contributions have really stuck in my head.

How can a company gauge a ‘pulse’ on consumers? How important is the pulse?

More importantly: why not care about something BESIDES the present? Yes, it’s great to see how consumers are reacting to a new ad campaign, or how a lawsuit is coming to fruition… but to use consumer media to really answer the important questions (which are never asked) we need to look at it from a HISTORICAL sense.

How will consumers react to something like this? They went apeshit over cases A, B but hated D. Why? What are the determining factors?

That’s where real analytical services (that can sift through splogs) will become just as valuable as a company’s data warehouse. Instead of mining through the past 2 years of sales looking for trends you could mine through the past two years of online conversations.


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