Friday night Ryan, Amber, and I saw Stacy Mitchhart at Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie in Nashville TN. They put on a hell of a show. The trumpet player didn’t miss a note. We only saw the first set, though.

Saturday (earlier today) I woke up and tried to find the Holiday Inn Express where the Triathlon Training boys and girls started their day. My roommate Matt (and his computer) proved to be a valuable asset to finding the Holiday Inn Express. Overall, I was amazed at the entire event’s atmosphere. Everyone worked for a good cause, everyone exerted a tremendous amount of effort, and everyone was extremely hospitable.

The weekend planted a few seeds in my mind:

  • Physical fitness and being active are critical. I hope to adjust my work out schedule this week.
  • Big cities aren’t only big, but they’re new to me. I’m not going to enjoy moving somewhere because it will take me forever to how to get anywhere.
  • People aren’t all bad. There were 400 something complete strangers busting their chops to benefit the American Cancer Society.
  • Kanye West’s music is enjoyable.


Yes Rick, I’m still toying with some ideas for the site. This is not even close to final and not even close to what the finished product will look like.


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  1. Pat says:

    Thanks for coming man. It was good to see you. I will be happy to see you there next year with a number on. : )

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