To the Right

No, I’m not going to denounce my liberal views [like another sell-out I know].

Not yet anyway.

I’m just toying around with an idea for a redesign.

Excuse the mess. Pardon the [delicious absence].

10 Responses to To the Right

  1. Pat says:

    It is interesting that each of you, only a couple of years out of college, have made the shift. I wonder if Bofe will once he is out for a couple of years.

  2. RickP says:

    Yeah, it’s funny… I find it absurd as well.. and on top of that, were I the person I was before, and looking at what has happened in my life, I would call myself a hypocrite, just because I lived/believed so far to the left before and now, in the matter of little over a year, have gone quite the other direction. Oh well, I guess that’s more proof that God works in mysterious ways and does with us what He will. Oh well 🙂

  3. Clayton says:

    I find it obsurd that you are on the right rick, though I think that those changes that have made you that way are most definately positive! 🙂

  4. Pat says:

    LOL, yes I am

  5. Clayton says:

    I’d like to note that I am _still_ a registered democrat — one of six in Johnson County, Kansas.

    The shame is I want people to have liberties and rights, but I dont think smashing babies skulls in is the best platform to fight that war on!

    I suppose i’m a centrist as well…

  6. RickP says:

    Yeah, so I guess I wouldn’t have ever believed I’d go to the right either… but I find myself pulled more that direction all the time (as a note, I believe I’m probably a ‘slightly right of center moderate’ or a ‘moderate conservative’ LAF.. I hate that crap).

    I won’t go into the reasons for my change of political opinion, but as much as I would have been mad at someone for saying it before I changed, in my case it really was a case of growing up. I think there are some very grown-up, very intelligent lefties as well, but MY reasons for being a liberal were immature, selfish and uninformed. So, a positive change for me; but I still respect that you’ve stuck to your guns (sorta) since if liberals are going to be taken seriously, they need to have a couple people with well thought-out beliefs hanging around.

  7. Randolph says:

    you are close though bofe – who would have ever though clayton and I would go to the right?

    hahahahha…i will transform you this weekend.

    although, i’m actually a centrist, i think.

  8. bofe says:


    You’re a sell out because you can’t take a joke 🙂

  9. Pat says:

    So, now people are sell-outs because they change their views on things? It is ok to shift your ideas, in fact I believe you are a very different man today from the man I met online many months ago. Hmmm, I hope you are not a sell-out.

  10. JohnO says:

    Dude he was totally justified in crossing over. You know that that whole thing has been a pigeonhole for liberals across the world when it really shouldn’t have recieved much more than a brief glance of the world.

    come over to the dark side. join us in our conservative happiness. you’ll love it over here.
    yaddda yadda yadda, something creepy…

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