In conjunction with the September 17th Triathlon Training crew’s descent on Nashville, TN I am proposing a Fall 2005 geek gathering to happen somewhere in Nashville.

I’ll need a place to stay that weekend. Someone who is local should suggest a venue.

We should all go. This means you.


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3 Responses to Nashville

  1. Lee Coursey says:

    You’re welcome to stay with us of course. We have an open-door policy for Murray people. I’m completely down for showing up to support these guys.

  2. Randolph says:

    Bofe – it’s great to hear you’re coming down, I know we’re going to have dinner/drinks after the race, then probably try to get a crew to go out and have some fun that evening, of course, you and Lee are both quite welcome to come hang out.

    Of course, I can’t guarantee I’ll be alive after noon that day, but I’m sure someone will 🙂

  3. Pat says:

    Andy, you are welcome to stay with us, but the place will be crowded. I think there will be a pull out couch in our suite that is not used. Right now there are four of us in there, but we always have room for you buddy.

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