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The Facebook looks to be doing some “good things”.

While it isn’t rigorous XHTML Strict—with some pretty strange errors the feel so much lighter.

They did the right thing and abandoned their bulky table layouts and have turned over a new leaf and ponied up for a new domain.

*Google Talk. Google IM. Google Google Google. *

It’s been a while since I posted about Google, but after reading Kottke’s rambling I have a feeling a significant step of innovation is on the way.

People are already getting on the Jabber server, but I’m really hoping the entire service is web based—- I want them to say, “yeah, if you want to connect Trillian or gAIM to the service go right ahead, but you can use this unbelievable web interface we provide too.”

I don’t think I want to use the service, though. Not for an extended period of time. I’ve gone back and forth on the necessity of keeping IM/IRC logs—why do it? I can understand some merit for it, but for the usual private conversation I see little to no point. It’d just take up disk space.

But then again, storage is so cheap it’s almost free.


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