Deciding a client’s needs/wants vs. what the client needs/wants is difficult.

Especially when you’re both at a loss, and your two hour meeting is essentially a trainwreck.

How do you sift through the BS?

Do you just suck it up, get the job done and do what the client wants or do you actually make something that works?


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3 Responses to Clusterfsck

  1. Stephanie says:

    Is there not a compromise between the two?

  2. Deezil says:

    You make it right.

    Then you unmake it to the way they want.

    That way, maybe some good stuff is still in there, along with the crap that they asked you to do.

  3. sparky says:

    Make something that works, using just enough of what the client wants to give them that warm and fuzzy feeling that keeps them coming back for more. Stuff that works > Giving the client exactly what they want because if you do what they want and it doens’t work, they tend to forget that the “broken” idea was theirs.

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