Accessibility Wrap-up

It’s been a big week for web accessibility in the news. The Web Standards Group [announced a WaSP Accessibilty Task Force].

  • [Matt May] – “I have said it a million times now, and I’ll say it a million more: accessibility is process, not product. ”
  • [Douglas Bowman] – “While Joe was giving his presentation in London, I thought, ‘Implementing a single-column layout with larger sans-serif type isn’t rocket science. Why don’t I already have one? I’ll just create one right now.’”
  • [Roger Johansson] – “It’s the tools that need to be fixed and the developers and authors that need to upgrade their skills, not the guidelines that should be dumbed down.”
  • [Joe Clark] – “Opera has a fanboy attack squad whose viciousness, irrationality, and tenacity rivals Scientologists’, but I’m not willing to subject people with disabilities to the default interface these fanboys ferociously defend.”
  • [Mike Davidson] – “Expecting all content creators to translate every single word on their site into remedial reading material would take forever. It’s simply not a reasonable thing to demand.”
  • [Eric Meyer] – “Screen readers are broken as designed, and need to become speaking browsers”

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