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As previously mentioned I planned on implementing WICK on my phpBB based site [MSURacers]. After a very successful test run Monday, I’ve gone ahead and implemented it. Here’s a write-up of my experience.

Well, I’ve done it generically for [phpBB].


Before, a two step process:

!! !!

Now, all in the same page (one step):



  • Works so much better than the current ‘find a username’ solution.
  • Loads just as quickly while pre-loading 1500 usernames.
  • The users love it.


  • I couldn’t figure out how to get phpBB’s javascript form validation to work in conjunction with WICK. Maybe it’s just me being a newbie, but I’m no javascript scholar (yet!)
  • Scrolling. Scrolling through the ‘completed’ also causes the page to scroll. Not sure how to get around that…

Also, a problem I ran into with this was I already had Firefox/IE’s autocomplete feature trying to do this job for me—but I want to trust WICK for this task for a one reason: I’m on a lot of other sites that use the ‘username’ field and this makes sure I get MSUR only usernames.

It looks like wick.js tries to do this:

if ((c = allinputs[i].className) && (c == "wickEnabled")) {

Maybe it wasn’t working because I’m using multiple CSS classes on that field. |

Let me know if there’s a better way to do this or if you run into problems. I’ve already implemented it on two different installations of phpBB and everything has been working fine.

I’m submitting this to the phpBB MOD community as an official mod. ) Here’s the thread:


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One Response to phpBB and WICK – auto complete username

  1. hey hey i’m working on some wick improvements, but yes the fact that you have multiple CSS classes might have hurt a portion of my code where i wasn’t checking for that.

    Try replacing the line you pasted with this:

    if ((c = allinputs[i].className) && ( (c == “wickEnabled”) || (c.indexOf(“wickEnabled”) != -1) )) {

    …. that should help it.

    Also feel free to log all issues and enhancement requests onto the sourceforge bug tracking system, making sure to create a sourceforge account so i can more easily get back in touch with you.

    thank you so much for trying wick out, hopefully i can help make it work better.

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