Rock me Dr. Zaius

WICK is awesome.

The possibilities are endless.

I’ve made a quick example that uses the userlist from MSURacers. When I get it to dynamically pull the userlist, it should completely replace phpBB’s [search for user] functionality which is completely inadequate.

It should be easy enough to use PHP/ColdFusion/whoever to dynamically generate some JavaScript.


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2 Responses to Rock me Dr. Zaius

  1. hey hey šŸ™‚ i’m glad you’re liking it šŸ™‚ i’ve got quite a few things to add to it, not the least of which being support for xmlhttprequest, which is something i figured most industrious coders could implement on their own. in the end, all you need is an array named “collection”. heh.

  2. o also, i’ll be asking for ppl to let me know of URLs where they have wick working so i can show them off on the main site. so stay in touch if you care to.

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