Irons in the Fire

What am I working on these days?

The day job: [CTLT]

It’s blitz week.

This week I’m co-presenting at 10:00 on Thursday morning over information security. The title of this session is “Managing Your Passwords and Other Ways to Secure Your Computer and Information”. Whew. We’re demonstrating utilities like Bruce Schnier’s Password Safe and Nic Wolff’s [Password Generator]. We’re also going to give tips on password creation and showing off/giving away a Fingerprint Password Manager.

I’m also presenting at 9:00 on Friday morning about how faculty can help students cope with [Information Overload]. I’ll be providing faculty with demonstrations of a typical students e-mail account and view of Blackboard.

Aside from “puttin’ on the blitz” this week, I’ve completely overhauled our computer labs statistics system using XML/SWF Charts and been able to come up with some great numbers like peak hours for our labs. I’ve also been doing the typical academic survey creation and managing a couple of our websites.


The MSU marching band’s website. I’ve recently moved hosts, done an install and migration of Gallery and done some revision to the way MFOP2 handles email-to-MT requests. I’ve also made a huge paperwork headache go away by putting the [class conflict entirely online].

I’m working with a [long] [list] [of] talented guys on developing a SSIS system with [Macromedia’s FLEX technology], [Cold Fusion], XML, [Windows Server 2003], [MySQL], and a lot of hard work.


I know I haven’t been posting much lately. Hopefully I’ll get back in the swing of things this week.

Recently, I’ve been inspired by my old friends [Scott], Brett, and Pat with their new weblog [Triathlon Training]. They’re three guys who are going to bust their butts to get in shape—but they’re also doing it for a good cause. Through blogging they’ve met someone with cancer and they’re going to take donations for her. Amazing. Give them a visit—even better, give them a donation!


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