Ideal Web Development Team

You’ve just been given $1.2m venture capital to write a web application. There is an extremely high probability that this job is not a one-time shot – aka, there will be at least one recurring source of revenue.

Comment your ideal Web Development team. No names, just positions and descriptions.


  • One database expert, MySQL. Everything MySQL. If my developers can’t effortlessly make your data sing, consider another position.
  • One server expert, MySQL/Apache. Security, configuration modifications, stability, load balancing, the whole shebang.
  • One graphic designer, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator expertise.
  • One interface expert, XHTML/CSS/JavaScript/XML.
  • Two server side programmers, PHP. The PHP Developers would be able to integrate the UI into the logic needed for the application. Need to know how to massage a database.
  • One technical writer. Writing instructions, documentation, and the writing in within the application are crucial and have to be crystal-clear.

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4 Responses to Ideal Web Development Team

  1. Rick says:

    Well, I like your team… It’s hard to argue with any of your choices. The only thing I could think of would be a couple additions.

    I REALLY think they team would need a manager, but not a suit-and-tie, lips-permanantly-on-exec’s-asses kinda guy. I would get a guy who has done pre-dev design and architecting along with schedule planning, Wide-Band Delphi estimation and management practices.

    I also think that source code control, revision tracking, bug tracking, version control, etc is of damn-near infinite importance; it is in that spirit I would also recommend either the separate hire of a StarTeam/CVS administrator, or I would recommend that special consideration be given to these roles when hiring the other server admins, developers and the afore-mentioned manager, so that at least one person on the team was capable of setting up, administering and maintaining a version control system.

    Then again, that’s just from my background where those two roles were not included or valued until I came to the company, and those roles were assigned to me. Having seen the improvements brought about by having those roles filled, I could never in good conscience form a team that did not have those roles handled.

  2. JohnO says:

    You forgot the all important member of your team caffiene. All that techno mumbo jumbo aside, you have to have caffiene and nutella. Lots of caffiene.

  3. Ryan Guill says:

    I would probably replace your php guy with a coldfusion guy 😉 All kidding aside, as long as you had a couple server side programmers, I would also include persona’s in the mix and testers. You really need people to put your software through its paces before it goes to market, you dont want the consumers finding all your bugs for you. But other than that, I would agree with your list.

  4. Randolph says:

    ahem…what about your optimization/marketing guy? what good is a kick ass app if no one ever finds it?

    hehehe. at least bring him in as a consultant in the planning stages.

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