Needs more Vibraslap

Since SNL had the skit with Will Ferrell playing the cowbell, it seems a lot of people have amassed a hard-on for the cowbell.

Now when I hear any song with a cowbell in it, someone is quick to point how their disease and how its only cure is more cowbell.


There. I said it.

Why not take a look at the premiere not-so-mainstream percussion instrument the [Vibraslap]?


You never fail to underestimate the awesomeness of the Vibraslap.

Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train – 15 seconds – 258KB]

Ozzy’s use of the Vibraslap is unique because in this sample the sound shifts channels from left to right repeatedly.

Dr. Dre – Nuthin’ but a G Thang – 22 seconds – 528KB]

Dre’s use of the vibraslap is essentially what holds this immortal classic together. If it’s good enough for one of the greatest rap albums of all time, The Chronic, it’s good enough for me.

Cake – Never There* – 7 seconds – 150KB]

Cake is one of the few bands that has fully harnessed the Vibraslap’s infinite power. One of their most popular songs, Never There, uses the ‘slap quite a few times.


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2 Responses to Needs more Vibraslap

  1. Alt-Tab says:

    Vibraslap is awesome.

  2. Cody K-P says:

    Andy I think the apex of the cowbell era was when we were in Louisville with KWC for the Div II championship game. We bought that cowbell at a pawn shop for $7. I like to think that the players found inspiration from the lound clanking that resulted from the cowbell being struck with a trombone mouthpiece. Not only was it beautiful and full of passion, it was loud and damn annoying.
    It was all downhill for the cowbell after that.

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