Working Anywhere

If you could work anywhere, where would you work and why? [top five choices]


  1. Money is no object
  2. You must work, and you must work full-time (40hrs/week)
  3. The employer has to be somewhat related to the field in which you’re already a part of, or planning on entering

My top five:

  1. 37signals – small team, innovative
  2. Microsoft – absolutely huge company, innovative… tons of room to make an impact
  3. the Ohio State University – I just love this school; plus it’d be nice to take cheap classes.
  4. [obligatory self employment option]
  5. Google – wonderfully smart and a great environment

Comment your top 5 and why.


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3 Responses to Working Anywhere

  1. Lee Coursey says:

    1. Myself (yes – “again”. Smart ass.)
    3. I *think* David Payne & Assoc. in Nashvegas
    4. LEGO as Product Designer
    5. Sales for the Segway :-0

  2. Ross says:

    1. Any one of the super-funded and excellently supported high school music programs.. LD Bell, Stephen F. Austin, Carmel, Cedar Park, etc.
    2. Chicago Symphony Orchestra
    3. Conn-Selmer Inc. (instruments)
    4. Coda Music (Finale and other music-related products for computers)
    5. Fred J. Miller Inc. (marching arts uniforms)

  3. Laura says:

    Google…the pics look fun. They’re clearly so intelligent. I would love to live in Cali.

    Myself. Le duh.

    The Peace Corps. You said money is no object, and this is like my ideal job.

    JP Morgan. Just because those fuckers didn’t give me a job. I need to show them that they’re missing.

    Clear Channel…BAHA just kidding.

    Umm…I would love to be a teacher. Honestly.

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