Meeting of the Minds

WHO: [rOsting], [dmacatack], steve smooth (do you have a url?), myself, (hopefully) [craiggers], update: [drew perry], anyone else who’s interested ([scott randolph])

WHERE: Nick’s (Murray, KY)

WHEN: Wednesday, March 16 2005. I’ll be there around 8:30PM, just come on in.

WHY: Just a geek gathering. Talk a little shop, hang out, and just be social for a while.

I’ll see you there.

By the way, it’s $0.99 Margarita night. )


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8 Responses to Meeting of the Minds

  1. dmac says:

    I’m there!!

  2. clayton says:

    While this sounds like the most fun thing ever – I am going to be lodged in hell-hole West Virginia until Thursday 😦

    My apologies.

    Next time maybe – I wanna talk tech with some nerds like myself.

  3. Stephen says:

    Sure man, I’ll be there.

    I don’t have a url… yet. I’m working on that. I’ve been building my site for a few weeks now on the weekends, so maybe one day I’ll have something up. With work and play in the way, things get pushed aside.

  4. Drew says:

    Heck, yeah. Intellectual conversion with people who only count as nerds on paper! It’s about time. Count me in.

  5. Randolph says:

    I appreciate you having this on a “school night” so us out of town workin folk can’t attend.

    btw, i have given up the spamming game, so you can talk to me again 🙂

  6. Lee Coursey says:

    Can I come and record the voices of the great geeks? Could I possibly interject in conversations?

  7. bofe says:


    I’m fine with you coming. Bring pen and paper 😛

    Just no Marketing talk. 🙂

  8. Lee Coursey says:

    Fine, fine. I’ll just keep completely silent then.

    We all know that’s a lie, but let’s pretend.

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