This is a follow up entry for ’[Online Store Ideas]’. I turned this in for my proposal for class.

The business that I am going to develop is fairly unique. You can buy personality traits online called Personality Traits Store. The traits come in liquid form. For example, if you want an inflated sense of self worth go to order it. When the order ships to your house all you have to do is drink the potion and youll instantly receive an inflated sense of self worth. There are no known side effects and the potion only lasts for one day.

Personality Trait Store will strive to promptly provide its customers with a new you upon ingestion of our potion.

PTS wants to become the forerunner in potion-based personality altering. In order to do this, PTS must develop a clear and easy to use website. Since PTS is a very new product, we must also create quick precise overview of the business that can be understood by our audience.

The PTS target audience is everyone. Our products are relatively inexpensive to produce, and anyone could use a good dose of self-confidence before a presentation, or a nice shot of our sense of humor potion before going on that first date.

The hardware and software requirements on the client side are minimal. Clients must be able to connect to the internet. The PTS development team will be using standardized, accessible code to ensure that anyone with an internet connection can buy our products.

The server side hardware and software requirements are also minimal. In order to save money and hasten development, we have chosen to use a Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (with phpMyAdmin) based solution.

Rough Site Outline []:

Products (dynamic)

  • Products by Category
  • Products by Scenario
  • Products by Alpha

About PTS (static)

  • Drug Interactions
  • Warnings
  • Legal
  • FAQ

Customer Reactions (mixed)

  • Quotes from customers that have used the product (dynamic)
  • Submit your quotes (static)

Shop (dynamic)

  • Broad view for shopping account creation
  • Shopping Cart Functionality checkout

Any suggestions?


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