Online Store Ideas

This is a little short notice – but I need ideas for a project I’m doing for my CIS 425 class. I need it by Thursday morning.

We have to make a B2C e-commerce web site.

Part of the requirements:

“Online order forms, shopping carts, and e-commerce programs that allow for integration into the backend database management system”

I can do all of the work but I really really need ideas on what type of business to use.

Craig did Drugz online a couple of years back – I don’t know if I can go that racey this year since we present these projects to people outside of the class…but of course I have to top his project. )

Comment your ideas.


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6 Responses to Online Store Ideas

  1. Bittel says:

    I did drugz too. =P

  2. anonymous says:

    what about an online shoe store. You can create a virtual foot based on your own measurements…lol

  3. Devin says:

    DVD/VHS video sales for copies of original programming from local/college television stations. Top drugz? No. A product that you could sell to stations when you are done? Yes.

    Either that or mail order brides.

  4. Nori says:

    How about selling personality traits, etc.?

    Motivation, sense of humor, loyalty, badassness. Maybe bad ones as well? To slip into your ex’s new boyfriend’s drink?

    ~shrug~ I’ll be thinking about better ideas…

  5. michael says:

    mail order pre-op/post-op brides

  6. dmac says:

    I’m going go with the personality trait thing accept in the form of potions. They go down a list and check the things they want in their potion. This could be really creative.

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