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Since I’ve had more than one request to update, I thought I’d share the outline for my MS Access training for faculty/staff that’s going on in the next few weeks. I know Access is pretty evil. Hell, I hate Access… but it is by far the easiest RDBMS system out there and the most sensible program out there for training new users.

MS Acccess I [Introduction to Databases]-

This is a huge subject. We will not be able to come close to covering everything.

Mostly informative – not very much ‘hands on time’ today.

What is a database?

Why do we use databases?

Databases Vs. Spreadsheets

Why Access?

Practical Applications for Faculty/Staff

  • Keeping track of students
  • Lab Statistics Example [[picture], tables]

Terminology[coupled with examples] –

  • data
  • table
  • field
  • row
  • column
  • query
  • form
  • report

Sample Access Database

MS Access II [Collecting Data]-

Recap of Access I.

How to set things up—questions to ask yourself:

Planning is the most important element of managing data.

  • What data are we collecting?
  • How will it be used?
  • Is our data related?
  • How is the data going to be collected?
  • Who is entering it?

Entering Data – Datasheet View, Forms
Forms – Designing, wizards—more in depth

MS Access III [Making Data Work for you]-

Working with Data – the importance of the set up and planning


  • Wizards, More In Depth


  • Wizards, More In Depth

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