URL Spoofing, Conversations

A URL Spoofing Exploit was released for Mozilla/Opera and other browsers that can handle international characters.

No one was harmed.

URL Spoofs have been around for a while. How to Obscure Any URL was published several years ago, but still proves to be fairly applicable today.

The ultimate lesson is to initiate any conversation that could lead to dealing with personal information.

Think if your bank, or someone claiming to be from your bank, called and asked for your account number. Would you give it to them? They sound official. They even claim to work for your bank.

I know I wouldn’t give my account number out. I probably wouldn’t even tell this person my name. If they called today, I’d tell them to call me back at (554) 522-5875. In all seriousness – you’re much less susceptible to identity theft if you start a conversation on the phone. The same goes for the internet.

Instead of clicking a link to Amazon that you got in an e-mail, just type http://www.amazon.com in your browser’s address bar.


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