Positive Reinforcement

At work, we think our HP LaserJet 6 Printer may be crapping out on us.

Since printers are the bane of any geek’s existence, we have just decided to leave notes of encouragement.


If you have any kind words to offer, comment them and I’ll write it to everyone.


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5 Responses to Positive Reinforcement

  1. bofe says:

    I just put “We will not forget!!! (your win XP test pages)”

  2. Rick P says:

    OMFG, hilarity.

    Whoever wrote “CHAMP” nearly made me shoot Mt. Dew through my nose at like 8:30am. For that, sir… I thank you.

    Hmm… words of encouragement… How about:

    Laser 6 for teh win!


    (for those old enough to remember a certain movie series)

    Laser 6 ALIVE! (i know, 6 doesn’t rhyme with alive… but still).

  3. Brent says:

    you could try musical tributes as well..

    “Wind Beneath My Wings”

    and if it comes to it…

    “Candle in the Wind”

  4. bofe says:

    this was found near the printer. it appears to be a haiku.

    ‘laserjet 6, with
    you back homework printed and
    life is worth living’


  5. burr says:

    draw a hand and put it on the back side…. just to pat it on the back

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