Google and Yahoo — Video Search

Yahoo and Google are now offering two very different and very interesting services.

*[Google Video Search]*

Google video searches the following stations and delivers screencaptures from every 30 seconds or so. The service searches San Fransisco area network TV, and a couple of cable channels.

  • ABC (KGO)
  • KRON
  • PBS
  • C-SPAN
  • KQED
  • NBC (KNTV)
  • Fox News
  • C-SPAN2

I did a search on Simpsons and this was the first match I found. Pretty awesome. Apparently the service has been indexing closed captioning for some networks. That’s powerful.

*[Yahoo! Video Search]*

Yahoo! has released a completely different product. It’s kind of agitating to say this is a competitor for Google Video because they’re like apples and oranges.

Yahoo!’s service indexes video files. Take a look at my results for the search Family Guy and it provides links to brief Family Guy video clips that have been put online.

Another key difference between GoogleVideo Search and Yahoo! Video Search is that anyone can add content to Yahoo!’s using [RSS Video Enclosures].

It’s so exciting to see video searching grow.

Anyone hear about Google’s next [stab at the phone industry]?

2005 will be an amazing year.


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