Includes on Restricted Servers

Web Developers using a server that has any type of server-side scripting available, such as, PHP, Cold Fusion, Perl, or even measley ol’ SSI developing and maintaining a large website can be made easier with server side includes.

Here’s a quick reference:

How can developers still have a reduced workload on servers that do not have any of this technology available?

I have two techniques that are still leaps and bounds ahead of the ‘copy/paste the header onto every file’ method.

Method one: JavaScript includes

Just plant your header’s HTML code into a file with a .js extension:

Method two: Dreamweaver MX 2004 Templates

To be honest, I never really used this feature until DWMX2k4. It works pretty well – but there is the downside that you must use Dreamweaver.

More about Dreamweaver’s templating abilities can be seen at these links:

If you make a really nice template you can encourage others to make modify pages created with the template with [Macromedia Contribute].

NOTE: I’ve made the switch to serving out the docs on this site as application/xhtml+xml – there’s a good chance I didn’t catch all of the errors. If you find one, please contact me.


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