i’m starting to get back into the swing of things with school

i’m starting to get back into the swing of things with school. i think. in java yesterday the instructor was compiling the “hello world” and it wouldn’t compile!!! funniest thing ever…for us geeks. after java was civ… my teacher was talking about stuff that explorers picked up from south america and he crouched down and looked around and pulled a bag out of his pocket full of white powder and everyone = omg! he says this is the purest stuff you can find he sticks his finger in it and licks it and like acts like ahhhhhhh…….then he says “SUGAR CANE”. i wanted to applaud but he’d just say “don’t applaud, just throw money” and i’m poor. after that I ate lunch (by myself) and then I came home because symph band didn’t have class. lisa rachel lee and I went to Subway… then we chilled here. I got a sheet for my bed at walmart and then Dave came over for some rockin’ PS2 playing. we then had movie night over here showing Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It’s a well written/made film, but it was just really damn weird. Today: Class Class Work Work… Library for Eng 102!!!!!!! PS: Get well soon Chris Record. Later.


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