Knee Deep in Snow

UPDATE: The final toll was 15-17 inches. We had thunder and lightning during the snowstorm.

This snow storm is shaping up to be the most snow I’ve seen in over 10 years.

I’m loving every second of it.

Here’s a couple of photos that were taken around 12:30 this afternoon.

!! !! !!

UPDATE: These were taken roughly 22 hours later.

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UPDATE: 12/30/2004. Most of the snow is melting. Per one of the comments, here’s a pic of our shoveled driveway.


It’s been snowing almost non-stop since then with the occaisional interruption of freezing rain. Around an hour ago my friend said his dad measured 10.25 inches. It doesn’t look like it’s going to let up until tomorrow early afternoon/late morning.

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One Response to Knee Deep in Snow

  1. Pat says:

    Looks like Andy has some shoveling to do. Enjoy boy. Merry Christmas dude.

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