Frostbite Update

I’m on a nice schedule of getting a completely new computer every four years. My current machine is named ‘shockandawe’ – the machine I’m building now is going to be named Frostbite. It’s taken some saving, but I’ve managed to get some vital components put together so far – and I’m slowly finalizing the prices/exact parts I want.

Here are the parts I have so far:
My Case

My Motherboard



Here are the parts I’m going to end up purchasing in the next couple of months:

I need suggestions on a video card and keyboard.

I think I can have all of the parts shipped and paid for before my 22nd birthday. The cost of a similarly equipped machine is $2,146 – before shipping. This machine will end up costing me a little over $1,000 total. I’m so excited.

Anyone care to donate to the cause?


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3 Responses to Frostbite Update

  1. Robby says:

    hey bofe,
    The motherboard has Gb NIC on board. You probably know this, as you’re ditching your 7.1 sound card. But it works nicely (as does the Sound!)

  2. bofe says:


    Thx! I forgot all about it. I’m not ditching my 7.1 card!

  3. chris says:

    Donate? No thanks. I have kids to feed.

    …in 6 years.

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