Idea: XUS

…from the bofe / Clayton labs.

The eXploit Update Service could provide up to the minute updates for system administrators – but only the updates that are critical to the sysadmin’s daily operations.

The service allows syadmins to sign up making selections about the software, threshold, and delivery methods.


A site like SecurityFocus already has their software updates in categories per software package they support. Just select the software that keeps your business running or the software you’re particularly interested in.


System Administrators are very very busy people. They don’t especially care when a podunk exploit that may let a script kiddie see a easter egg in the code is released. They DO care if their entire system can be compromised. By enabling an update threshold, sysadmins can decide how conerned they are about severity. NOTE: This COULD be done by individual software package – but it’d get a little clunky after a while trying fill in all of those details from a user end.


This section goes back to the whole System Administrators being busy. Sysadmins get lots of email. They cannot afford to sift through tons of e-mails/text messages every day to see if their system has a potential of being compromised. I’m pretty fond of the ‘3 times a day’ option – check their e-mail in the morning, right before lunch, right at the end of the day. Sadly, admins probably need to have their highest thresholds exploits sent to them no matter what time on via a cell phone text message.

The entire XUS solution would be fairly easy to implement. It’d take some development hours, but the benefit would be there. How could security related companies justify the cost? Deliver contextual advertisements in the e-mail alerts.


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