Snipping and Tablet PCs


Since I’ve finally figured out how to use Microsoft’s Snipping Tool for the Tablet PC, I have a suggestion or two to offer. I realize the software is in early stages of development, so I hope these are helpful suggestions.

I’m a stickler for efficiency. I have my HP Tablet customized so I can use it as efficiently as possible. Something that would GREATLY increase my efficiency while using the Snipping tool would be the ability to set a quick key (have it invoked via command) on the tablet.

Currently, the process to snip involves moving your pen from one end of the screen to the system tray to enact the snipping utility (that is, if you have it running).

Wouldn’t it be easier to just tap a button on the side or top (depending if you’re in portrait or landscape mode) to denote the beginning of a snip? Instead of potentially forcing your pen to travel 80% of your screen’s real-estate, having it move 1/10th of the distance would save a very small amount of time – but the convience would encourage users to use it more. That time adds up quickly.

I can honestly picture myself using the snipping device to portray points in online documentation/support situations, but the amateur appearance of the cutout shape of the snips is a double edged sword. Could there be an option to snip with a rectangular marquee by default?


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    OT but does your friend Matt still have a trophy eating fetish?

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