Blog the Blogging Bloggers

Just like a lot of the ‘older’ mainstream bloggers, I get a very strange feeling when I hear the people on NPR say ‘blog’.

It’s even better when I read about the word blog being used on CBS, ABC, and NBC news broadcasts.

Major providers have caught on to the blogging phenomenon. Google owns Blogger, AOL has AOL Journals, MSN has the new MSN Spaces, Lycos’ Tripod does blogs, Yahoo is investing in blogs, but the more staggering part is the corporate blogging world.

Blogs@MSDN and Planet Sun both have plunged the user right into the middle of what’s going on at these huge companies. CEOs are starting to blog, too.

The best part about corporate blogging? Human Resources blogs. HR blogs are excellent utilities if you’re wanting to get a job at any of these companies. Have a question? Leave a comment – they’re bound to read it.

Back to the ‘little guy’ big audience concept of blogging – Jason Kottke seems to be getting some legal guff over posting the Ken Jennings JEOPARDY! audio clip before it aired. I’ll be keeping my eyes on this situation.


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