Microsoft Releases MSN Spaces

Microsoft released MSN Spaces which is in direct competition with services like LiveJournal, Blogger, and TypePad.


Microsoft is embracing blogging as a communication medium.

MSN Messenger integration sounds extremely cool. We’ll see if any of my contacts start using it. Users can not only post to MSN Spaces via Messenger, but it’s also a faux newsreader. Mouseover your contact’s online/offline screen name and see when their ‘Space’ was last updated and the last X posts’ titles.

The C9 Spaces Video Demo also shows some amazing integration with music playlists and photos.


It’s sad to see MS(Microsoft) playing catch-up to the rest of the world, but a lot of us don’t realize what has to go on at MS for a product to be released.

In the C9 interview Michael Connolly and Jim Horne mentioned that MSN Spaces is in TWENTY-SIX LANGUAGES. Not to mention the forced load handling and scalability that their products require.

Personally, I do not think Spaces will be anything huge. You’ll have the typical MSN drone user which knows nothing better than to MSN for everything. Most users I know go for the best/easiest to use product – not what the provider jams down their throat.


I’m just opposed to Internet Explorer in general. Spaces makes use of some beefy DHTML that is only supported in IE(Internet Explorer). I think that was a mistake because most of the bloggers they’re relying on to create a buzz about the product will blast it’s IE reliance.

We can start comparing them to AOL Journals in about 3 months.


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