Voracious Consumption

Wired News ran a piece called Newspapers Should Really Worry which had some quite alarming information.

Imagine what higher-ups at the Post must have thought when focus-group participants declared they wouldn’t accept a Washington Post subscription even if it were free. The main reason (and I’m not making this up): They didn’t like the idea of old newspapers piling up in their houses.

Ouch. The article’s text hints at a trend that should have any media provider scared – the informed consumer doesn’t want a company to shove anything down his/her throat.

Newspapers will incur a decline that will be likened to radio within my lifetime. Just like radio they won’t become extinct because a newspaper can be afloat with an extremely small budget and minimal advertising dollars. Down the road, RSS and other content syndication technologies will easily replace the population’s daily news ingestion.

Television companies should concern themselves with the the rise of TiVO and other PVRs(Personal Video Recorders). Personally, I can’t wait to make a MythTV when I get a new computer so I don’t have to be at the network’s mercy as to when I watch a new episode of South Park. Not to mention the software’s ability to skip commercials…

The media companies must wake up. If they don’t, they’ll be too late to embrace the technology that could potentially gash the business as they know it. The MPAA and RIAA learned that lesson the hard way.


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