BlogSpam Prevention

Earlier this month I posted about the spam problem on my site and a lot of other blogs—mainstream and not so mainstream.

Here’s my tips for prevention so far:

  • mt-comments.cgi is no longer flagged as the comment script location in mt.cfg – search for CommentScript and change it to something else. Don’t forget to rename your comments file in your MT directory.
  • MTCloseComments closes comments on entries that are ‘x’ days old. TBB is set at 21 days.
  • MT 3.x has TypeKey integration for comment approval. It also has a much improved interface for removing spam…
  • MT-DSBL this basically prevents comments that have originated from what’s called an open proxy.
  • MT-BlackList 2.0 after much resistance on my part, I’ve decided to give this plugin another try.

This looks like it will be successful enough for the time being. As much as I hate the idea of registered comments, it’s going to turn into a necessity. Go ahead and sign up for a TypeKey account. They’re free and easy.


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