Uphill Battle

The SFX project has been widely successful in ‘igniting the web’. The project’s goal is to get users to switch their web browser to Mozilla’s Firefox.

It started with a simple campaign – encourage webmasters around the world to link to the SFX site with a simple banner.


I can’t imagine what this did for their PageRank, but that’s another blog entry. )

Now, the SFX group has the money to purchase an advertisement in the New York Times. Scratch that. The supporters of the SFX group donated the money for the advertisement. They raised more than enough money via online donations to have a full page advertisement in one of the largest newspapers in the world.

How far will the campaign go? How far can Firefox Go?

Sadly, there are a lot of advocates that proclaim Firefox will replace Internet Explorer as the de facto web browser. It’s time for a reality check.

Microsoft has a market share that’s so large it’s impossible to imagine. Ninety percent of all computers in the WORLD run a version of Microsoft’s Windows Operating System.

The browser that Firefox is directly competing with is free (as in beer) and is packaged with 90% of computers worldwide. Is IE(Internet Explorer) an inferior browser? I have no doubt. Firefox is simply the best product available. However, Internet Explorer is ‘good enough’ for the typical user – there’s no real incentive to upgrade until Spyware and IE’s insecurities run rampant enough to cause a significant changeover.

I think the recent influx users who have converted to Firefox will make the Internet Explorer Team enhance their product’s security and clunky rendering engine. Microsoft and Yahoo both quickly reacted by increasing their storage quotas when GMail boasted 1GB free e-mail storage.

Competition is going to be beneficial to all consumers. Whether you use Opera, Firefox, or Internet Explorer you’re still going to end up getting an overall better product at the end of the second browser war.


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