My New Non Kentucky Apartment

Where does the time go?

Feels like yesterday I got to MSU and earlier this week I found out I have just three more semesters until I’m gone.

I’ve been a resident of Kentucky all of my life. For the first time ever I’m planning on moving out of the state for my first ‘real world’ job. Getting a little apartment in a city where I can earn competitive wages is going to be insane.

Next semester will be spent rigorously developing my portfolio and resum(e) to have it primed in the fall to send out to potential employers.

The long term goal is still what it has been since I arrived at MSU: get a decent paying job, work my way up for 10+ years, and then go into education.

For now, I want to do a few ‘small jobs’ over Christmas break to earn a little additional money. We’ll see how that goes. Any leads?

Also: Anyone else feeling the need to unplug? I’m going to completely unplug for a week during Christmas break. I’d love to read the Bourne series by Robert Ludlum and see some good friends like Craig. I’ll completely disconnect my computers, stereo, and just keep the cell phone in the house for one week. I’ll need it.


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One Response to My New Non Kentucky Apartment

  1. devin says:

    oddly enough… i may be looking for someone to do a small project over the break, something towards my comprehensive project… we’ll talk when the time gets nearer.

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