How many digital photos do you have on your computer?
1,139 – Right Click on ‘My Pictures’ and go to properties.

How many e-mails do you have?
22,949 – Outlook + Gmail totals

How many chat conversations have been recorded?
686 continuous chatrooms/instant message conversations – Right Click on chat logs folder and go to properties.

How many school/work related documents have you saved?
599 – Right Click on your school/work folder(s) and go to properties.

How many books/videos/songs do you have in digital format?
6,750 – Right Click on your music/movies folder(s) and go to properties.

How many files are in your ‘My Documents’ folder?
34,679 – Right click on your ‘My Documents’ folder and go to properties.

Grand total:

Feel free to comment your own responses to these questions.

I wouldn’t have saved any of these files if I didn’t think there was a possibility that I would need them for one reason or another.

Ask yourself this question: How much will my grand total grow in the next year? In the next 5 years? In the next decade?

Information Saturation is a problem that all of us will run into down the road.

Aside from my anal-retentive file organization, Where would I be without the ‘Find’ feature in Windows? Probably using Google Desktop.


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6 Responses to Saturation

  1. Rick says:

    It could be argued that a more telling way of knowing how many digital images are on your computer would be to go to DOS, to the root directory (that means type ‘cd ‘ and hit enter, btw for those who aren’t big old DOS nerds) and type the following command, sending it by hitting enter (note: this will run for quite some time, and may show things you don’t want others to know 😉 ):

    dir /s/a *.jpg,*.bmp,*.gif

    This covers the most common forms of graphic files, feel free to add *.png, *.tif, *.ico, etc if you like.

    Anyway, it’s just a thought.

  2. Rick says:

    Well, evidently I cannot put that sorta stuff into the comment box… hrmph…

    just put an asterisk infront of the .jpg, and in front of the .bmp. That command will search your harddrive, even inside of hidden directories, and even find hidden files… it will locate any file anywhere with any of those extensions… pretty handy…

    lemme see if i can get the the code to look right…

    dir /s/a *.jpg,*.bmp,*.gif

    I doubt that worked.

  3. bofe says:

    I’m trying to have it just limit to ‘my pictures’ or something like that because a lot of programs load their documentations with jpegs, etc.

    This is mainly for what users have created/saved on their own

  4. Adam says:

    How many digital photos do you have on your computer?
    8,867 – 340 Folders
    8.91 GB

  5. Adam says:

    btw, that’s just under My Pictures, not Rick’s search entire hard drive method, hahah

  6. Rick says:

    Good Lord… I don’t have almost anything under “My Pictures”… The only images I have are cached porn, hence my search method 😉 j/k of course… I clear my cache.

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