Letter to Trey Parker and Matt Stone

*[warning: this entry contains minor spoilers on Team America]*

Dear Trey Parker and Matt Stone,

I saw Team America: World Police Tuesday night. While the movie was quite entertaining, I feel you have seriously misfired on an extremely important part of the movie.

When you used the ‘montage’ song which originally aired in the South Park episode entitled Asspen (#603) in the Team America movie I cracked up. However, when you had the cockroach leave Kim Jong-Il’s body and enter the spaceship it left me very disappointed and upset.

A cockroach? Come on! We all know the group that is REALLY behind the problems in the world.


That’s right. THE CRAB PEOPLE! (from ‘South Park is Gay’ – #708) If you would have had one of the crab people crawl out of Kim Jong-Il’s body at the end, Team America would have been the greatest movie ever. I mean, the crab people took over The Jefferson’s, and The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy cast. How could they NOT have Kim Jong-Il?

I hate you both.

[name withheld]


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2 Responses to Letter to Trey Parker and Matt Stone

  1. Rick P says:

    So, about this movie… whatcha think about it? I haven’t seen it yet. Honestly, I was half reluctant to go see it because I imagine it probably has some views strongly conflicting with my own… but I’m just curious how political the movie was… Was it mostly just a funny movie jibing a little fun at the current political/war situation or was it 100% a constant satire of today’s political environment?

    Just curious.

  2. bofe says:

    The movie was fun.

    Basically, they take stabs at everyone. YES I felt uncomfortable during part of the movie, but that is just their style.

    They don’t discriminate against anyone when they write these things.

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