Building an Army

Today’s currency is information. We live in the information age.

The company that delivers the most information to consumers will dominate this era.

It’s now a question of who will come out on top. Whose platform will work?

Google is starting to take a serious dive in this direction. Within the last year and a half Google has acquired/launched Blogger, Google News, Google Desktop, GMail, Picasa, Google Groups, Google SMS, Google Local and Froogle.

There are rumors flying about what’s next. Google does Instant Messaging? A mozilla based Google web browser? A Google operating system?

I’m convinced they can turn the standard ideas in computing completely upside down. Imagine a web based operating system that didn’t require 512MB of ram to run at a decent pace. The idea of a Google OS is too much for me to fathom right now.

But really, I’m just hoping they don’t let money ruin them. Google’s IPO seemed very promising – the terms of the offering seemed to be much more long term than the typical new technical company. I thought, “Finally, a company that realizes by refraining from the immediate greed will make them all much more wealthy in the long run.” While the terms of the IPO were reassuring, I think we all can look back at the dot com bust and be a little afraid.


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  1. Brad says:

    Nice post. A GooOS? Wow. /me online invests in Google. =)

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