Four hours ago I started working on the new ‘preferences’ section of the site.

It’s still a little buggy, but I’m digging it.

If you have problems with it, please post a semi-detailed report in the comments. Thanks )


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5 Responses to Preferences

  1. Ed says:

    that’s pretty sweet

    one bug i’ve noticed though.. when changing colors I get

    Please note: This site’s design is only visible in a graphical browser that supports Web standards, but its content is accessible to any browser or Internet device. To see this site as it was designed please upgrade to a Web standards compliant browser.

    ^^ that at the top of my browser.. I’m using Firefox 1.0PR

  2. bofe says:

    A lot of the bugs should be worked out.

    The only known issue I am running into now is with the picture rotation. I’ll work on that this week.

    Hope you guys like it. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Links and search do not seem to be using the same header. In links, it disregards what my preferred color scheme is, and also the top navbar does not contain the “preferences” option.

    The search feature just has a totally different look and feel to the rest of the site.

  4. bofe says:

    Thanks for the feedback. The links section should now function properly (and have a preferences link)

    Also, the search form’s look has been redone, but the actual results are giving me a little trouble at the moment.

  5. bofe says:

    The pictures are now being properly retained with the settings. Woohoo.

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