Short Ride In A Fast Machine

This all happened last week:

I’ve earned a 89.3% on my first Calculus Exam. I’m pretty pissed it wasn’t an A. Longtime readers of The Bofe Blog may remember an entry discussing my difficulty with math.

I’ve also earned a 95% on my Business Law Exam. The highest score in the class.

I busted my butt planning, preparing, and proposing one extremely good presentation at The Forum that was essentially a live demonstration of Tablet for Two first seen on The Bofe Blog.

I was a panelist for one decent presentation for The Forum, but I was 1 of 7 students involved in this, so I can’t take much responsibility for it being good/bad.

I gave my all for two awesome performances at my last Festival Of Champions ever. Rehearsals were hellacious.

I’ve earned another raise at work, and a promotion of sorts. We’re still working out a few details of the position, but I think the official title will be ‘Intern Project Consultant’, or something to that effect.

At work, they also are letting me use a tablet PC for more R&D purposes.

So when you send me an instant message saying ‘update your blog’ or ‘your site is dead man’, or you leave a comment saying ‘post, you bastard’ I hope you can understand I’ve been SLIGHTLY busy.


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2 Responses to Short Ride In A Fast Machine

  1. randolph says:

    post MORE you bastard.

    you forget your = blah, school = blah, life outside of the ‘net = blah..


  2. Anonymous says:


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