Vote or Die

Nobody can convince me George W. Bush is the best man for the job. Neither is John Kerry.

I have a serious problem with ‘choosing the lesser of two evils’, which is why I almost completely avoid political discussion. When I do participate, I just try and play devil’s advocate—just to not let one side of the argument dominate discussion. Nobody is perfect. Bush sucks. Kerry sucks. So do their VP candidates.

It’s tough for me to even justify the necessity of voting. I’m going to be alive for four more years, I’m confident I will be able to get a job for four more years, and I think everything that really needs to be avoided can be avoided by the government’s checks and balances.

But it’s my civic duty. I’ve also heard the quote “If you don’t vote, you can’t bitch”. I don’t bitch about the borderline insane religious right and the “liberal hippie douches” (South Park). I will vote this year. I don’t know why I’m voting let alone why I’m voting for which candidate, but since it’s my civic duty I’ll vote. This begs the question: Is an uninformed vote more dangerous than a lack of voting?

I know—I’ll just go home and vote all of my state/local officials as republican and put in a vote for John Kerry since he’s not the incumbent.

Who cares? Kentucky’s electoral votes are going to go for Bush anyway. I don’t live in Owensboro, nor do I intend on living in Owensboro, so I could care less about Owensboro’s local government.

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13 Responses to Vote or Die

  1. Clayton says:

    I dont vote on canidates. I cant vote on canidates. See, if I did, I would vote Republican. Why? I feel the moral issues that bush supports are more of my flavor. I am not ‘liberal’ when it comes to family values and alternative lifestyles.

    I vote democrat because that is what pays the bills. I feel voting a straight democratic ticket focuses money into a progressive stance. Since I support Education *and* Technology, obviously it is going to be advantigious for me to support a party that feels these issues are important too.

    The election will be won or lost of moral values. Its a shame that either choice will probably not be making any major changes to how our society views morals though.

    Dont be decieved. You are not ‘hating on God’ by voting Kerry. I’ve been told that I am not a Christian for being a democrat – thats just wrong.

    I’ve noticed that the current trend in thinking is — “If your rich, you vote republican”.

    I have friends that vote this way because they think that they ‘are rich’ when in reality, they arent.

    First, if you are in college, you’ve got to be crazy to support a republican – you are poor.

    Second – Even if I made 200,000 dollars a year, Western Kentucky is so impoverished compared to other parts of the country – you still dont make enough to vote republican.

    Do you think I am an idiot? Lemme know.

  2. Randolph says:

    My comment was too long..go here:

  3. Clayton says:

    Just wanted to note that I used the word “Republican” when I meant “Bush” or “Republican (this year)” on the second sentence.

    So, uh, Strike “Republican”, Insert “Bush”. Have a nice day. heh.

  4. Chris says:

    Skate or Die for NES is better than Vote or Die.

  5. Pat says:

    Ok, this is unbelievable. I cannot believe you opened your blog to this subject, but since you did, here goes. You guys have got to wake up to what is going on in the world. Those of you that work should have begun to realize that your paycheck is about 2/3rds what it should be because our beloved government has decided that it is good to support people that dont bother to support themselves. You will also see that if you accumulate a decent estate, that your children will never see it. Time and again, the government tries to redistribute the wealth. You want to know why nobody wants to invest in America, it is because we Americans are stupid. We dont allow people to prosper on their own. We would rather pay the bill instead of teaching someone to care for themself. These efforts were led by the Democrats. They are really good at stealing our money and giving it to single females with four or five children all from different fathers and never married. I dont care if you are Democrat or Republican, that is wrong. You know what else is wrong? Letting some bully massacre people. That is wrong. Standing there watching your neighbor kill innocent women and children. What we did in Irag was correct. The arse was known to have had weapons of mass destruction and intentionally failed to show that they had been destroyed. He slapped us in the face time and again and it was time for him to go. The war in Afghanistan was a just war. We were attacked and we defended ourselves. Yes this is an unconventional war and we may actually have to try some new techniques to win it, but guess what, the Russians are in the same boat. They just had a bunch of children attacked, tortured, murdered. They will have to do the same as us and protect themselves. I am sorry if this does not make sense to you, but guess what the outcome would have been had Al Gore or John Kerry been in office instead of Bush.

  6. Devin says:

    calm down pat… lot of gross generalizations there buddy, but andy asked we not get into that here.

    Kinda taking Scott’s template here…

    Morals – I don’t mind the moral stance of either side, to each their own. However, one side wishes to force their morals (gays are EVIL) on the rest of the country, and into our laws. And I’m big on the 1st amendment and religion staying out of the affairs of state, so I have to stand with the dems.

    Money – White middle class, as Scott says no one cares for me. I like the Dems idea of public service… it just is a very flawed system that is taken advantage of, which is sad. I don’t like the Repubs tax breaks+big spending ways. I like fiscal responsibility, and they don’t practice what they preach.

    War – I feel that Bush mislead us in and that his people half-assed the battle plan. Plus, I don’t like the damage it has done to our rep. in the world community… this will come back to haunt us.

    I don’t really like Kerry, but I don’t think Bush deserves another 4 years. If Kerry does nothing, it’s better than 4 more from Bush. So I gotta vote Kerry.

  7. Am i wrong for thinking that war in IRAQ was OK simply because we want the oil? In Biblical days, wars were fought over such things, … if these maniacs think they can horde resources which, IMHO deserve to be distributed worldwide, fairly (read: USA), — we should blow there asses off the map and start USA2 over there.

  8. Jon says:

    You know what Winston Churchill said…
    “Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.”

    I guess I don’t have a heart then, because I’m voting for Bush. 🙂 I’m a Republican because of my moral values, my dislike of big government and my support of free trade. Although Andy would say I’m a staunch conservative, I’d say overall I’m a moderate leaning Republican. I’m just staunch in supporting Bush because I think he’s the best leader for my future.

    Much like Clayton, I care about education, technology, and the economy. I also care a lot about the environment. However, this election year I think one issue outweighs all of them: the War on Terror. It’s obvious to me that Bush is the man who will lead us the best in fighting terrorism. Kerry’s voting record and wishy-washy attitude toward terrorism just doesn’t do it for me.

    All of the other issues are EXTREMELY important, but they all depend on the War on Terror. If another terrorist attack occurs, that’s going to throw everything else out the window. Obviously the terror threat has not subsided; look at what happened in Russia. No matter who is elected, I’m still going to go to school and get a great education and technology is still going to advance. Neither candidate will make much of an impact on either of those issues. On the issue of terrorism, however, a candidate can make an impact and I don’t think there’s a better choice than Bush.

    I think if someone like yourself is having trouble finding a reason to vote, just pick an issue that you feel is the most important to your life and vote on it. For me its the War on Terrorism, but for you it may be something different. Just get informed on an issue and vote on it. Vote for something.

  9. Mark says:

    Andy (and others):

    Liberal, Conservative; Left, Right; Democrat, Republican. These labels do not matter. Dare I say that everyone who labels him or herself Liberal or Conservative probably does not agree with every idea each represents. Same goes for those running on the two tickets. I’m sure John Kerry doesn’t represent every Democratic ideal (just ask Zel Miller). Ditto for George Bush. Where does that leave the voter? Do I vote for the candidate that represents most of the views I agree with? Is there an existing candidate that reprsents my personal ideals? I certainly don’t feel comforable casting my vote for someone who agrees with me most of the time. That’s why voters should do their homework. No where in any of our Founding Father’s papers does it say there are only two political parties: Democrat and Republican. To think otherwise is absurd. Take a look for yourself: when you cast that vote, in that little curtained room, there are probably a good dozen people running for president. Will they win? Not likely. But that brings up a whole other problem involving money and financial status. There will never be a poor president. No way. Won’t happen. As with most aspects of life, only the richest will prevail. Sad but true.

    My two cents, Andy.

    Mark Howard

  10. Pat says:

    sorry Devin, Sorry Andy. : )

  11. Anonymous says:

    2 quick points Jon…

    1. Expanding the government… isn’t that what the Republicans are doing right now? Homeland Security, adding people over both FBI and CIA? Not that I don’t agree with some reorganization of things, but I think the Homeland Security could have been handle by the FBI if it were given the funding instead of creating a whole new thing.

    2. The terrorists believe that America is evil, just as we believe they are evil. However, they believe W. is the devil, whereas Kerry is just another evil american. Besides, to wage the most effective war on terror, we need to create a collition of nations. Not the collition of the willing, which was us, england, and a bunch of nations that couldn’t do anything to help us. We need to conceed some things and get real powers (germany, japan, even china) on our side in this. And that is something Bush has proven unwilling to do.

  12. Rick says:

    I’m completely torn on this issue. I’m torn not becuase both have qualities that I want to back, but maybe because I don’t know what the hell this election is about.

    This election is happening because it’s been four years since the last time one happened; okay jackass, that’s an obvious answer.

    I believe in letting people provide for their own damned selves and I think that giving more money to the people who are sitting at home doing dick-all-nothing for themselves and just trying to leach off the system. So that would make me a GoP’er I guess. But I don’t think this is an issue ANYONE could argue with. When I’m down and out, I don’t want a damned handout, give me a job somewhere (McDonalds, wherever) and let me earn my shit. And why anyone who is making money would want someone else to get it for doing nothing but lines of coke, I don’t know…… so i guess i feel pretty strongly about that.

    I’m not a Christian, though I’m involved in Church and see myself coming closer to that all the time. I do not however feel that the state should be involved at any religious level. Marriages are sacred, and if the church decides to marry or not to marry homosexuals, let them, but the state needs to stay out of that all-together. As far as recognizing homosexuals as couples for beneficial tax and other reasons… I dunno, I think this is fine. Mainly because if I decided I never wanted to get married, but me and my high school buddy wanted to live together, have our own ‘bachelor pad’ sides of the house, and live like that together forever, I sorta think the state should recognize that as a permanent abode of two people who are not going to live separately. So that makes me liberal/democratic, right?

    I believe in a flat tax. I don’t care if you make 50 billion a year, or 10k a year, you should get taxed the same percentage. Maybe that sounds retarded but I don’t care… I don’t think you should be penalized for making more. I say this, but I don’t REALLY know how this would affect things, because I’ve never heard of it being done for real… so in other words, this just makes me full of shit.

    I don’t know where I stand on a lot of other issues, but I don’t give two squirts of piss whether Kerry’s service awards were ‘legit’ or not and I don’t care if ol’ Dubya snorted coke. If I had to live around the types of people he did, coke would be the least of my habbits.

    At the end of the day, I’ve worked a hard day (sometimes) and I want my pay, I want to be able to live and worship (or not) as I please and as long as I’m not breaking any laws, I want the government to basically stay the fuck out of my life.

    Neither one of the main candidates is promising anything that will lead to any of those circumstances, so I’m torn between voting for a nutjob and a weiner… wtf.

  13. Jon says:

    2 quick responses to [nameless]:

    1. You’re right. Bush seems to be in favor of bigger government. However that really has nothing to do with my point.

    2. “Currently there are 70 nations supporting the global war on terrorism. To date, 21 nations have deployed more than 16,000 troops to the U.S. Central Command’s region of responsibility.” ( Maybe not all helped specifically in Iraq, but there have been many nations helping us fight terrorism. However, absolutely under no circumstances do we need the permission of the United Nations to fight terrorism, which is what John Kerry would seek. Even with their permission our soldiers would be fighting with basically nothing considering he (Kerry) voted against funding our troops.

    Don’t turn this into a political forum. The point of my post was to choose an issue and vote on it, not to go into a political tirade. Who are you anyway?

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