Student Session


  • One Elmo Device for projecting pencil/paper.
  • Three Data Projectors, one for a PDA, one for a Tablet, and one for a Laptop.

Student activity related to coursework in the classroom can be narrowed down to these three categories:

  1. Recording Information
  2. Retrieving Information
  3. Collaborating with Peers

+I – Pencil and Paper (Me)+

  • Recording: Records notes on paper – can easily write out symbols, graphs, etc.
  • Retrieving: Sifts through tons of papers – reads through paragraph headings and eventually finds the information
  • Collaborating: Makes copies, peers cannot read handwriting to retrieve information.

+II – PDA (Devin)+

  • fishing for ideas on this one…

+III – Laptop (Michael)+

  • Keys notes, has difficulty recording complex symbols, mathematics, and informational graphics
  • Is able to easily organize notes by date, and search them all for keywords
  • Emails typed notes to group members which could be easily incorporated with a typed report

+IV – Tablet (Garrett)+

  • Is flexible with keying or penning notes, charts, and symbols.
  • Can have the handwritten notes converted to text and searched (with some limitations)
  • Emails files, etc. with ease.

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3 Responses to Student Session

  1. morndry says:

    yeah, like anyone would be able to read your chicken scratch.

  2. Deezil says:

    you need a Lumens projector instead of an elmo. They work so much better.

  3. Ed says:

    but elmo is awesome šŸ™‚

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