Wrap it Up

I’ve successfully planned my last three semesters at MSU. I’m still undecided if I want to get my MBA at MSU. That’s nothing to worry about right now.

Classes are going well. Calculus will be a lot of work, but once I get it under my belt the rest of college will be a breeze. Econ is interesting. My professor is like Esmorelda Villalobos from Pulp Fiction. You know, the cab driver that says Butch funny? Not only did MSUR have its first gathering of 04-05, but MSURacers.com was also featured in the school’s paper again.

Regular readers of TBB may remember an entry entitled ‘Tablet For Two’—we’re giving a ‘real-time’ demonstration of this entry at this year’s Teaching and Technology Forum. I’ve written up a ‘script’ for how this will be portrayed, but I left it at the office. I’ll post it Monday.

Marching Band is back. We have 212 members, which is up 51 from last year. Our first performance is today and it looks like it will be in the rain. Anything would be better than yesterday’s rehearsal in the muddy intramural field.

Summer’s over, which is a bad thing because I had an awesome summer. I mastered Accounting, Unreal Tournament, and Cold Fusion. Those were the days. Come in to work at 8am, done at 4pm. Every day. Now I’m getting to work at 7:30am, and done at 8pm or for the past week, 9pm.

I can’t wait until the schedule normalizes. Chris, thanks so much for the My Bloody Valentine CD.


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