Friday was an important day for a few reasons:

  1. Summer Classes Ended
  2. Our friends Rick, Joseph, and Chris came to town
  3. The lease with Murray Place ended

What better way to celebrate than to have a cookout and a book burning?


My soul was cleansed by burning an accounting book.

!! !!

Everyone that attended ate like kings. We cooked 5 brats, 2.5 lbs of ground beef, and 7 chicken breasts. We entertained several guests, I think my last count was 10 guests. Sarah made us a cake, belcher also provided some dessert goodness.


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2 Responses to Eureka

  1. belcher says:

    that be not my chocolate goodness, for that be made by a finer hand than mine.

    (I need to stop listening to reggae)

  2. jules says:

    burn baby burn

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