Tech of: The Refuge

It would appear like a perfectly ordinary college setup, 3 rooms, 3 network connections but a little concoction we like to call the BET has made this house a home.

!! !!

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Some info on the BET:

BET is short for broadcast energy transmitter. It’s basically homage to a machine that was used in the original GI Joe movie. We have a video card with S VIDEO out going to an RCA cable, which goes to Gibson’s stereo, which goes to the TV. Got that? It’s also on the AMERICA network, so any of the CD / DVD backups we legally made can be broadcast on the television. It was a little inconvienient until today… when the wireless keyboard/mouse came in.



  • Gibson: One Sony Home Theater System, complete with Bob Vila style speaker mounts – used in living room.
  • Devhead: One mobile JVC setup, used last night in cookout – also used in Devhead’s room
  • bofe: one onkyo home theater system, used in room.


  • Gibson’s room: Desktop with network ID ‘Overlord’
  • Devhead’s room: Laptop with a network ID ‘Hackandslash’
  • bofe’s room: Desktop with a network ID ‘shockandawe’
  • Living room: Entertainment Machine with a network ID ‘america-bet’

Tons of DVDs… DVD player… astray VCR… a PS2… some cable TV… a microwave… I’m rambling now.

The ‘fuge owns.


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