Letter to Senator McConnell

Dear Senator McConnell,

Gay marriage is an extremely controversial subject, but I urge you to vote NO on the constitutional amendment President Bush is lobbying.

I’m writing you because the current constitutional amendment President Bush is in favor of is simply vulgar.

The traditional definition of marriage has some religious connotations, typically a man and a woman being unified under God. Depending on your beliefs marriage has different spiritual benefits, but regardless of your beliefs marriage has several non-spiritual benefits. The benefits include, but are not limited to the following: consolidated living, claiming a spouse as a dependent with income
taxes, a government recognized union, etc.,

I propose that marriage be completely removed from the government’s responsibility. The spiritual benefits are still plentiful as there are plenty of religious ceremonies that are not recognized by the government yet still carry great importance. Two of these that come to mind are baptism and confirmation. As a tax paying citizen, you do not have any new privledges as you are baptized. The government does not give out spiritual privledges. How can a government claim to not discriminate for taxpayer-provided benefits such as unemployement, yet openly discriminate against a union that grants tax benefits?

As long as there are two tax paying and consenting adults willing to be united in the eyes of the government, the government should have no choice but to allow them to be recognized as a couple. The argument for preserving the sanctity of marriage is preposterous with the looming divorce rate.

Personally, I have no vested interest in gay marriage. I’m a straight male who is planning to one day be married in a church. I just don’t see what makes me better than a gay man/woman wanting to be married in the eyes of the government.


[name witheld]


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