My Immortal

No, not that suckass Evanescence song. This post is about something much more important.

There are just some funny things that have been put online through the years that captured millions and need to be remembered forever.

If you know someone who is new to the internet (and has a sense of humor) this is a good orientation of some of the hilarious crap that can be found online.

Goatse – After seeing it so many times it doesn’t really disturb me. In fact, I’m not even going to link it. If you want it, you should either know where to go or where to find it. Talk about desensitized. Goatse is an internet classic, for shocking people—more importantly it was a classic in the ‘good ol days’ for just pissing someone off.

All your base are belong to us Video Game Engrish meets Flash. Hysterical. This is one of the first big Flash movies I can remember getting such heavy circulation and ‘cliche’ use (being in photoshops everywhere).

Stick Figure Fight The Xiao Xiao movies are great. So was the Crossover (yes, the music is hysterical) I knew these were big when my dad was already familiar with them when I sent him a link.

eBay Cheeto WTF! WTF! This is just crazy. Reading the description makes it even funnier. The first auction cliche. Food anomalies are hilarious, but the fact that this guy had to re-open his auction twice because of fake bidding says something.

Mario in 11 minutes This video makes a mockery of my childhood. While it was the easiest Mario to beat, this guy does it in eleven minutes. (Yes, I know it’s been reported as fake)

Star Wars Kid was just a kid pretending he was in a Star Wars movie. That 15 million people saw. CBS even ran a special on this. The website has tons of remixes, of course.

Have any other classics to add to the list? Comment away.

Honorable Mention: The Sun


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3 Responses to My Immortal

  1. runningtings says:

    i dunno man.
    that goatse still makes me look over my shoulder.

  2. any flash using a JOURNEY song. The “end of the world” flash is becoming a classic.

  3. coder says:

    umm.. the telnet version of star wars ? <– java version..

    Im pretty sure its like atleast 5 years old..

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